Mardue Olive Basket


Origin : Indigenous community of Mardue, Casanare, Colombia

Technique : basketry in crochet weave

Materials : moriche palm and bejuco (vine)

Approximate dimensions : large - 19” d x 8 1/2” h; medium - 17’ d x 8” h


The Mardue  olive baskets are beautifully woven in moriche palm using a crochet technique around a vine center. The colors are dyed using plants, seeds and natural resources from the region. A distinctive feature of the Mardue weavers is their ability to manage color with a great sense of beauty and spontaneity. 

Daina Guaipere leads a group of 20-women from the indigenous reserve of Caño Mochuelo, who are dedicated to the fine art of basket weaving. Though the men are unlikely to weave themselves, they nonetheless participate by heading out on long expeditions to collect the raw material, thus strengthening the family bond and contributing to the sustainability and overall wellbeing of their community. 


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