Welcome to our first stop, Colombia !

Latin America is a continent rich in artisanal expression; from textiles to basket weaving, pottery to woodwork, many of which are millenary techniques that are still intrinsic to the livelihoods of rural and indigenous communities throughout the continent. Our mission is to contribute to the economic and social sustainability of artisan groups, by creating a greater awareness of the beauty and functional value of each of the objects they produce and to help preserve this cultural heritage for generations to come. 

On our first stop, Colombia ... one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, we have curated a collection of products from 15-artisan partners that differ in materiality and technique and are the result of the geographical and natural environments where they are produced. These pieces are produced in limited production cycles, sometimes subject to prevailing weather conditions that affect the raw materials or production processes until the following batch comes along.

The sensuous black earthenware, crafted with a combination of regional soil from La Chamba, is deeply rooted within the culinary traditions of the country, and has found its way into the kitchens of every household. The vibrant pottery of El Carmen del Viboral, a town located in the mountainous region of Antioquia, stems from the tradition of fine pottery made from local white clay, and conjures fond memories of family gatherings around the table. In the south-western region of Colombia, the Ismuina community weave their “canasto propio” baskets in locally sourced bejuco yaré and cumare fibers, to carry agricultural produce for distribution amongst the community.

Each of these techniques and the materials used are directly related to the local resources available and the traditions and needs of each community. They narrate the story of a country of breathtaking biodiversity, rich in culture, and infinite beauty !

We are excited to share with you the result of a dream ... of years of travel and research, and we are eager to take you on this cultural exploration of Latin American craftsmanship.

Join us in the colorful universe of the Plaza Bolívar marketplace !