Vivoral Carafe & Cup, Capricho


Origin : Carmen del Viboral, Antioquia, Colombia         

Technique : hand painted ceramic

Materials : white clay

Approximate dimensions : 2 3/4” d x 7 3/4” h 


We love Capricho's touch of sunshine in this carafe and cup set. Perfect for your desk or bedside table, and they make very special gifts for any occasion.

El Carmen del Viboral is one of Colombia's most well regarded artisan towns. For over 100 years, a large portion of its population has been dedicated to ceramic art, making this one of its primary forms of income. For the most part, the women of the community have mastered the distinctive hand painted technique, decorating each piece with a series of designs evocative of hanging flora along the verandas , and gardens surrounding the regions colonial houses. 

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