Seje Round Woven Basket


Origin : Ayapel, Córdoba, Colombia           

Technique : basket weaving

Materials : seje palm

Approximate dimensions : 11 3/4” d x 3 3/4” h


The Seje round woven basket is a great representation of this unique technique. A utilitarian element of great beauty that can serve as a storage container or as a decorative element for an infinite number of things.  

Don Alcides and his wife Adriana run the small workshop of Artesol, located in the vicinity of the natural reserve of Ayapel, close to Colombia's Caribbean coast. Alongside their children and other members of the community, they are dedicated to the creation of products in seje palm, a sturdy material that is extracted from the very top of these tall tropical palm trees.

This technique first caught our attention because of the way the dry cuttings of hard seje palm are tied together to create this unique and distinctive style of basket weave. 

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