La Chamba Slanted Plates


Origin : La Chamba, Tolima, Colombia     

Technique : handcrafted earthenware

Materials : a combination of smooth, sandy and red clay

Approximate dimensions : small - 9 1/2” d x 1 1/4” h; large - 11 1/4” d x 2 3/8” h;                                 


La Chamba’s slanted earthenware plates are great layering pieces that comes in a large or small size. Like our casserole, they are pretty much useful for everything! We always enjoy serving snacks or side dishes from these.

Rosa Magnolia Salazar is the leading artisan of Punto y Arte, a small yet highly skilled workshop composed of 12 family members. They are part of the larger community of La Chamba, a town that is solely dedicated to, and subsists from the production of this ancient earthenware technique.

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