Julia Casserole


Origin : Municipality of Guaduas, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Technique : handcrafted pottery

Materials : local red clay

Approximate dimensions : 5 1/4” d x 2 3/8” h


Come summer and the Julia terracotta casserole will be your perfect ceviche serving dish! When fall and winter arrive, casserole dishes are a dream! Julia's universe of bowls is a great way to mix and match with that perfect touch of rustic-chic. 

Julia and her son Don Carlos run the family workshop named after her, Cerámicas Julia; a business venture that started over 50 years ago out of the need for young Doña Julia to help her parents support her 10 siblings. Today, Cerámicas Julia contributes to the social and economic wellbeing of the overall community of Guaduas. 

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