Don Guido Basket Trio


Don Guido’s basket trio is a beautiful and very practical set of nesting baskets that offer great storage solutions for so many needs around your home. Each of the 3 baskets is differentiated by their color and stitch, and are available individually so you can create your own collection. Get one, get two … but we would suggest, get all 3 ! Where there is a want there can always be found a basket need ! 

Don Guido’s late wife had led her own workshop for many years before he continued her legacy and began his own eponymous basket weaving workshop. Today, ‘El Taller Artesanías Don Guido’ provides employment to approximately 195 women heads of households, some with disabilities,  and who dedicate themselves with great passion to this artistic endeavor, allowing them to provide better food and quality of life to their families.

For the greater community of Sandoná, basket weaving is the means through which they share their cultural heritage with the wider world. Each basket is seen as an object that carries their unique history conveying their passion, dedication and humbleness.



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