Chiqui Chiqui Coasters with Basket Set


Origin : Indigenous reserve el Paujil, Porvenir community, Colombia

Technique : basketry in roll technique

Materials : chiqui chiqui fiber

Approximate dimensions : coasters - 4 1/2" d; basket - 5 3/4" d x 4 3/4" h


This chiqui chiqui coaster set is a 'little treasure', with its basket which was conceived by the artisans as a perfect solution to an everyday need! They can be placed in every corner of the home to decorate and have them handy when they come in need.

Ana Gladys Aponte leads Asosaricana, a group of 15-women weavers who have learned the art of basket weaving from their mothers and are committed to passing their skills down to their own children and future generations. Asosaricana is the name given to the commercial organization they have created in order to keep this cultural expression alive. 

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