Chipalo Round Picnic Basket


Origin :  Ibagué, Tolima, Colombia      

Technique : basket weaving

Materials : chipalo, wicker and galvanized wire

Approximate dimensions : 14” d x 7 1/2" h (14 1/4" h overall)


The Chipalo round woven picnic basket is a charm! Made by Doña Rosalía herself, who at a later stage in life continues crafting these wicker baskets with her own skilled hand. They contain all the passion and magic that her decades of experience carry. 

It is a basket that shall make you count the days to sunny weather and picnics in the park or trips to the farmer's market! But if you wish to just leave it at home, it shall make for an exquisite accent piece that will be useful to store any number of things.

Having learned how to do basket weaving at a very young age, Doña Rosalía Triana one day decided it was time to open her own wicker workshop in the company of her husband. Since then, it has been 50 years that Arte Chipalo has been dedicated to the production of products for the kitchen and home. The workshop is run now by Humberto Triana, Doña Rosalía's son, who grew up to become a basket weaver himself, and is now in charge of maintaining this artistry alive within the family for future generations.


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