Dorado Traditional Pitcher


Origin : Carmen del Viboral, Antioquia, Colombia

Technique : hand painted ceramic

Materials : white clay

Approximate dimensions : 4 3/4” d (opening) x 8” h


The hand painted classic ceramic pitchers with a contemporary touch that every home could use! Their size and harmonious proportions make them equally perfect as flower vases or as beautiful serving jugs for sangría, agua fresca or any other summery drink. Beautiful, organic designs painted in black glaze.

Founded in 1966 by Pedro Antonio Bello and his wife Fabiola Rendón, Cerámicas El Dorado is a family run ceramics workshop located in the town of El Carmen del Viboral in the Antioquia region of Colombia. Having completed his masters degree in ceramics in Argentina, Don Pedro Antonio fulfilled his ambition of opening his own studio in El Carmen, a town already known as a center of excellence for hand painted floral ceramics. Today, El Dorado is one of the most prestigious workshops in the region, where Doña Fabiola with her children and grandchildren carry the strong family legacy forward with their innovative design aesthetic.


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