Daire Chambira Trivet


Origin : Indigenous community of Nazareth, Amazons, Colombia

Technique : basketry in crochet weaving

Materials : chambira palm fiber and bejuco (vine)

Approximate dimensions : 7 7/8" d


The exquisite detailing in the Daire chambira wicket trivet makes these very utilitarian objects take on a whole other dimension. Use them to keep surfaces protected from hot dishes on the dining table, or as we do, to keep a water pitcher by the bedside table.

The Association of Tikuna Artisans called Daire para Caure are an indigenous community of weavers living in the southern-most part of Colombia, close to the Amazon river. Doña Credi Pereira is in charge of leading the association of weavers that strive to bring social and economic sustainability to their community through their work.

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