Asopafit Straight Basket


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Origin : Tibaná, Boyacá, Colombia

Technique : basket weaving 

Materials : paja blanca and fique

Approximate dimensions : 8 1/4” d x 6” h


Characteristic of the beautifully utilitarian weaving technique of the Asopafit Association these intensely orange wicker baskets can be used in any corner of the house - we especially enjoy seeing them filled with delicious citrusy fruits! 

Woven by the Asopafit Association of weavers, who are creating sustainable employment within the greater community through their traditional weaving skills. The Association is led by Doña Blanca Lilia Leguizamo, whose family has been weaving traditionally for 5 generations. Her mission is to continue strengthening this art and ensure it is passed along for generations to come. 



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