Niga Colored Basket


Origin : Indigenous community of Ismuina, Caquetá-Solano, Colombia

Technique : basket weaving

Materials : bejuco yaré (vine) and cumare

                     red - dyed with a combination of leaves from bejuco vine and annatto

                     green - dyed with chontaduro leaves

                     yellow - dyed with saffron 

Approximate dimensions : large - 14 3/4” d x 15 1/4” h

                                                 medium - 12” d x 8 1/2” h

                                                 small - 10” d x 9 1/8” h


The Niga colored baskets have a beautiful cumare stitch that has been naturally dyed in red, green and yellow. These baskets are a perfect storage container and decorative piece. The large ones can be used to store magazines, shoes, kids toys or a those winter blankets; and amongst other uses, the smaller one can be the most stylish of paper bins ! 

The Association Basket of Abundance Moniya Kirigai was created by 8-members of the Ismuina community. Led by Nancy Vargas, the association is dedicated to the fine art of basket weaving under the brand name Niga. Besides producing for the everyday work of the community, they also produce these baskets for wider commercial distribution.  Located near the southern frontier with Ecuador, Niga weavers are devoted to passing on their craftsmanship and knowledge to younger members of the community in order to continue to strengthen their weaving traditions and increasing the economic importance of their production in the region.